James, Yasemin and Remy with Scooby

Post date: Apr 25, 2010 8:50:44 PM

"Scooby is back to his old self running and jumping around"

We noticed that Scooby, our 5 year old Chocolate Lab became lame and stiff quite suddenly due to limping on his left shoulder. After a diagnosis from his vet and to our dismay he had arthritis. We got in touch with Susie after a Google search on the web, who said she’d be able to help with his apparent condition. On Scooby’s first session with Susie she inspected his shoulder and she confirmed that he had torn a muscle in his left shoulder. Now after only 4 sessions with Susie and a little rest, Scooby is back to his old self running and jumping around with no limping (and also has a new vet).

Thanks Susie for all your hard work, from Scooby, James, Yasemin and Remy