What We Do

HandsOnHounds offers a complete remedial massage treatment for your dog. Firstly the dog’s owner completes a short questionnaire on the dog’s general health, history, activities and current muscular complaint. Then he will be observed and assessed for any abnormalities of gait and posture. However, HandsOnHounds does not offer diagnostic opinions and a vet should always be sought for professional medical diagnosis. Once completed, there follows a gentle and light introduction to the treatment using classical massage and physiotherapy techniques until the dog relaxes enough to perform some deeper massage and incorporate some stretching and myo-fascial release. This may take one or two sessions to achieve but once relaxed dogs usually respond very well and most enjoy their treatments.

Each dog and case is unique so there are no ‘routines’ that I follow, instead I treat to suit the individual, adapting with sensitivity the massage applied depending on each dog’s physical and mental condition or injury, taking into account his particular state of health at all times.

Please note that although I believe that canine massage can benefit your dog’s health and general well-being, it should not be seen as a substitute or replacement for veterinary care.Therefore, I recommend that you get a vet referral before initial treatment begins.