What is Canine Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is standard practice for humans following orthopaedic surgery, significantly improving function and restoring strength to weak or paralysed limbs. The same can be paralleled for dogs. Using physical modalities such as massage, water and exercise we can help speed up recovery times from injury to pre-injury fitness.

The Aquatic Treadmill Therapy and Benefits

The Aquatic Treadmill allows dogs to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than normal. Using the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) the treadmill creates a low- impact workout that helps the dog to increase muscle strength and endurance, and allows for a quicker transition to landbased exercise. The water depth is adjusted for controlled weight bearing exercise improving the dog‘s sensory awareness and stability.

• Thermal properties provide pain relief

• Increased circulation of blood to tissues

• Increased function of limbs and range of movement due to maximum flexion/extension reached

• Quicker recovery times

• Effective exercise for dogs of all ages

Conditions that benefit from the Aquatic Treadmill

• Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

• Osteoarthritis


• Pre-surgery conditioning

• Post surgical rehabilitation for procedures such as ACL (cruciate ligament repair), femoral head excision (Legg- Calve- Perthes disease), fracture repair

• Muscular and tendon/ ligament injuries

• Muscle atrophy

• Weight management for obesity

• Athletic conditioning (improved fitness, stamina and muscle toning)

• Post surgical disk, vertebral fracture and non- surgical degenerative disk diseases

such as spondylosis and spinal cord conditions

• Geriatric support

Canine Massage Therapy and Benefits

This remedial therapy uses massage and physiotherapy techniques to aid in the management of, or recovery from, musculoskeletal problems and painful or debilitating conditions. It can help to:

• Reduce pain

• Improve mobility

• Return to preinjury mobility and function

• Improve circulation

• Eradicate and prevent adhesions

• Promote a sense of well- being Conditions that benefit from Massage Therapy

• Chronic Osteoarthritis

• Muscle/tendon/ligament strains

• Spinal injuries and diseases

• Post orthopaedic surgery such as cruciate ligament repair

Contact Susan to check availability and whether your dog would benefit from this treatment.